Tackling the Mighty Oak

Oak furniture that is. Thanks to having so many informative sites on the subject I tackled the oak shelf unit.


How to Fix Warped Oak Boards

Definitely need to remember this so I’ll feel brave enough to confront the oak dining table. Why oh why do I keep this … oh yeah, cause it was in my dad’s house and my kids love it.  Definitely a solid piece and if there is ever an earthquake here in Las Vegas, that’s the place to hide. Maybe I’ll fall in love with it again when it’s re-stained and modernized.

Ever keep something around for such a silly reason?


Making progress

I was so excited yesterday… it was 48 hours since applying the first coat of poly to the entertainment unit and the waiting period for adding coat #2 was over!!!! So before I would seal up the can of poly and have dinner you know what I was doing 😉

Coming home from work today I was oohing and awing. First over the  removal of our hobbit bushes. JET was home today and he actually removed the bases of all the monstrosities that were trimmed down to the stub.  It’s amazing how large the yard looks without Hobbit Village. There are just a few more smaller pieces to cut and pull out of our dry desert ground. I’ll be sure to take pics and upload tomorrow, it’s amazing!



My oohing resumed when I walked into the house and spotted the beautiful newly stained pieces that will look amazing in the living room. Tomorrow I’ll be flipping the units to poly the other side and in 4 days they’ll be in place. Silly but I’m so excited. I wonder if other DIYer’s count down the days until a project is completed?

Happy DIY’ing

Massive & sore body, are three words to express my weekend so far.

So as I worked my way through the day I wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to just chill and read a book in a comfy chair! Still not totally unpacked, but the entertainment unit is making progress. I know you’re wondering why oh why is it taking so long. It was already stained and ready to go. HA! After putting the unit pieces back together the seams didn’t fit right. Hmmm, dilemma, use putty and fill in the gaps or do it the right way and sand and manipulate the wood until it lays flat. So of course if you totally want to be proud and not have those gaps scream your name while chillin’ on the couch, then you do what you have to and make it work. So after drilling out the wood plugs, trimming new pugs to size, filling small gaps, and sanding the high spots, I touched up spots and reassembled the unit. Now as soon as I can move, I’ll flip it and check  the remainder of the unit prior to applying the poly coats.

So what’s that have to do with massive, nothing. JET & I unpacked the new IKEA butcher block counter top! It sits on the cabinet and commands attention. I’ve oiled & sanded the unit but find it’s still rough to the touch. Concerned but that’s not the biggest challenge, it’s the overwhelming size of this massive piece! As it sits I don’t think there will be room for additional cabinets on the window wall. Trim or not to trim that is the question.

This morning when I awoke and looked at this enormous piece, I realized it is just too much island for the two of us. Thinking now the two cabinets (that I absolutely love) will have to go against the window wall and I’ll have to find a smaller unit for my kitchen island…. OH NO that means cutting down this beautiful butcher block!!! What a waste 😦

Yes, that is a giant piece of cardboard protecting my dishes from doggie slobber. Pardon my dust and piles of boxes screaming for my attention, real life 😦

Sore is the understatement for how I feel. Having a three day weekend, and trash guys coming tomorrow, it only seemed natural to me to work on Hobbit Habitat. This canvas of a yard can’t be redesigned until it’s clear of this nasty, fuzzy, prickly bush. The upside to chopping this thing by hand is the workout. Besides the peck workout, I found a new Suzanne Summers Thigh Master workout. Hey a girl has to use all her muscles to chop that 10-year-old monster.5-6 hours of chopping, raking fuzzes, I can barely walk. Hope a hot shower, couple Excedrin, and a glass of wine puts everything right again.

Wondering what everyone else did with their extended weekend? Did other households use the time for major projects or find some fun time? I know my teacher friends must have spent time grading and planning. My goal for this week is to apply the first coat of poly on the strikingly beautiful entertainment unit (and maybe tackle a couple of boxes).

So another trip…

So another trip to the hardware store and today I return with an orbital palm sander and stain! I feel kind of stuck with settling into the new place. Boxes are still piled up in the garage, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, and I have no idea what to do with the contents. So today I’m working on something to house the TV, games, & movies until able to find (buy) that darn entertainment unit. Remember when oak was the in thing? I certainly do and I just haven’t been able to part with a few sturdy pieces. Well it was fine for the crafty room in the old place, but not what I have in mind for our new home. I planned on doing this work in the living room since it’s chilly outside and the garage isn’t a working space with all those boxes. Besides, the living room still has construction grade concrete floors… perfect. Today I repair, sand, and now stain… OK so today I repair, sand, and stain HALF the unit… I’m exhausted. Oh by the way, learned something new… the little bag that is supposed to catch the sanding dust, doesn’t. Now there is dust all over 😦


Sanded, wiped down, and ready to go!

ImageStepping back to check happiness level with color. I think it’ll be ok, wait until it dries to determine if one more coat is needed.

So as I close I wonder how do people settle into their place when there isn’t any storage… how long will these boxes hang around? Is it possible to get all this done and still continue my day job?



Tackling the Hobbit Home


Don’t be deceived, the wall in the background is over 6 feet high. If you approach from the east, this monstrosity hides a car in the driveway!!!  So today we were brave and tackled the front yard. Why you ask? Cause I’ve lost my mind… no really we happened upon the college satellite growing orchard and I came home with a few fruit trees. Of course then I ran to the nursery for landscape assistance and nothing can be done until the coyote bush is defeated.

I know you’re just dying to see the finished product… ha, after working all day and putting a massive amount of brush bundles out for trash day we called it an end. For this weekend anyway.

My To-Do List

The list seems ever growing and the hard drive in my brain just can’t hold onto the ideas. So to free up space and have a working list to manipulate, this blog seemed the perfect place to not lose little slips of paper or start another time consuming notebook. Seems I have a few of these around and they’re never available when you need one.


  • Tub drain
  • Tub diverter – too much water going through tub spout and not the shower head
  • tile floor, grout, seal grout
  • kickplate under vanity
  • faucet exchange or refinish – replace gold handle or replace X2
  • mirror – cut into two smaller units & frame
  • refinish vanity
  • baseboard

2nd bath

  • paint walls
  • refinish vanity
  • frame mirror
  • faucet exchange or refinish
  • baseboard


  • address light
  • remove monstrous bushes on side of the house
  • remove even more monstrous bushes in front of house
  • pull dead tree
  • trim back still living tree 😉


  • refinish cabinets
  • paint touchups
  • countertop for island
  • trim and side island – use legs to make appear like a pc of furniture
  • build shelves & attach to N end of island
  • window covering
  • paint pantry
  • locate cabinet for E wall
  • shelves for upper E wall
  • replace microwave vent cover
  • cabinet L of stove, remove shelf & make slider
  • floor covering
  • kick plates under cabinets
  • baseboard


  • flooring
  • baseboard
  • make/ purchase built-in for cutout
  • window coverings

Family room

  • sliding door window covering
  • floor
  • baseboard
  • entertainment center
  • touch up paint

Jan 17

Hmm can’t wait to share about our progress during our 3-day weekend.

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