OMG 1 Week Count Down

end of summer beach scene

The inevitable is here…1 week remaining on my vacation. Oh sure rub it in you think. Well as a teacher, spare time or personal time is a luxury. I’ve been out of the classroom on special assignment for four years now and excited to return to having my own students!

decisions arrows

So much to do, so little time. I’ve decided to make another website for students to access data, keep forms, and store ideas. Big question, with the nannie governing what we can access or not, do I create a blog or webpage? Decisions decisions.


To Dos

class list

check off forms

set up room – determine if additional tables & chairs are needed, library, writing center, reading center, sm group center….

word wall

spelling/word work activity sheet

spelling/word work flip cards

management system – thinking class bucks again

The list continues but must get to work setting up my home desk that’s now in box hell 😉  Any ideas for communication home?


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