While the kid is away, the momma will play ;)

So my DS left for a 5-day visit on a houseboat on a local lake. What to do, what to do… haha, not really thinking so hard. Just waited for his next summer trip to begin the painting and design of the hallway bathroom. Up until now it was still dirty white from the previous owner (obviously not my choice). The room was so dated it had an oak ring towel bar… omg anyone old enough to remember those?


For months now I waited for him to develop a plan while I secretly had my own. Months ago I found a great shower curtain with vertical stripes and decided why not do horizontal stripes in this small bathroom. Horizontal stripes are supposed to make things look larger right. Well they certainly do on a woman’s hips so using such logic it should make the tiny bathroom appear larger!

Enough paint selections to last any DIYer a lifetime…well don’t count on it 😉

Really, Ace Hardware and their Clark & Kensington paint giveaway really was a lifesaver. Throughout the past few months we’ve participated in their specials nabbing a color here and color there providing lots of great option. Thanks Ace Hardware!

Decide on three… light Forest Stone (adaptation from my favorite paint guy, from the master closet), Forest Stone (leftovers from the original house painting), and thinking I need a little grey to tie the shower curtain and reduce the amount of green. All supplies that I had on hand so the cost was ZERO! Don’t count your chickens before their hatched…needed that pale gray to balance the green. Ok so the final cost was a quart of paint! That’s acceptable 😉

Prep the room, first by removing the mirror behind the sink.

That sloppy drywall job wasn’t on my watch! It’s just further evidence of the water damage and sloppy repairs on the house before our ownership. Guess it was a good thing it was hidden behind the mirror.

Another before pic. More oak…ewww! Remember when it was the thing to have. NOT!

Wish me luck and stay tuned for the final product.


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