Poor Pup

Never a dull moment around here. Our poor little guy required surgery recently. I hated to put him through it but after two opinions and discussion with a friend about her dog’s surgery I scheduled the inevitable.

I had to, love this pic, my guy at 6 weeks.Oso at 6 weeks

“What’s wrong with my eyes, mom?” lol couldn’t help myself. Pic taken on our first day in the new house. When we arrived we found all the doors removed from their hinges and placed in front of the windows! But I love my house, I love my house…keep repeating 😉 Kidding aside I really do love the house!

Apparently SharPei’s often have this eyelid rolling thing going on, Entropion, when the lid rolls inward and the lashes irritate the eye. They attribute this to the excessive wrinkling on the breed. My little guy (haha, he’s 70 lbs) isn’t overly wrinkled and is mixed with Rottweiler and Boxer. I had high hopes that the mix would decrease the health issues related to the breed. Yeah right!

Oso after surgery

Oso after surgery 3

Oso after surgery 2

Poor little guy… they say it won’t be long til he’s running around again. Oh and keep him from rubbing his eyes…haha, see me now? “Oso stop touching your face!”


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