Today’s lesson…

…always spot check your paint in the intended location, even if you think it’s too light!!!

So finally getting to the master closet armed and ready with my premium Behr single coat paint & primer in one. Impressed with myself for holding out for an oops paint that will be complimentary and light enough for my closet. As I’m painting I’m thinking how my painting skills have improved & dreaming great shelf organizers to complete the closet. Trimmed out, corners painted, looks great. Son comes in, admires my handy-work. I strut thinking how much I’ve completed this weekend. One wall done, two walls done, and I turn around & the wave of OMG begins. It’s not right. Check with teenager, (what was I thinking?) and decide to continue. Wall three complete, hmmm. Then the final wall…. OH NO! As it’s drying I can totally see (or not) it’s TOO DARK! How’s a girl to get dressed in a cave?

What to do? Repaint or leave it? Add more light? Make up your mind and love it anyway? The 2hr wait time necessary to repaint is just about up… now to go examine the closet again.

UPDATE – – Like a crazy scientist I sit in the closet on the floor mixing left over white paint from the pantry & linen shelves into the mix. I added and added and added more white paint. Check the color, hit it with a blow dryer, mix again. I use about 1/4 to 1/3 of the gallon and realize the color seems to have a pint hue. Surprise, check the label, the white paint is Dove White and has purple in the mix! This is just getting worse, what do my DIY idols do on this occasion?

Now how to remove the pink. Light bulb… I have a quart of White Sand I acquired for the stationary desk from Ace Hardware’ FREE quart promotion . Hesitantly I pour the paint and mix. Still too much pink. Sorry ladies, but pink is just my least favorite color ever. Maybe it just needs dry time I convenience myself.  Maybe if I cover the wall I’ll totally fall in love with this color. Trimmed out one wall, painted from ceiling to floor, stood back and ….

…nope, not loving it. This pic doesn’t do it justice otherwise I would have sent it to a couple friends for a second opinion. Since there isn’t anyone else around I refer to the Behr app on my phone. This app matches colors from pictures or photo’s from the gallery. Luv this app! It agreed and identified the paint as  Smoked Mauve and provided 2 other similar choices that were pink based…eww, not what I intended 😦 Abandon this project…go back to the stationary desk or play a game on the computer… hmm decisions decisions 😉

Ok so I didn’t play put my gamer hat on, well not for long. Frustrated and determined, I journeyed to my local Home Depot, hoping to find my favorite paint guy working. Tada so lucky on two fronts. First I found a can off oops Behr paint in white, secondly and most important my knowledgeable guy was working and adapted my new found prize. Finding a quality paint guy is key. He was in the private business locally for years and now shares his experience with shoppers in HD. So he added the pigments (whatever they are) of my Fortress Stone by Behr to the white to create a lighter version of the original, SCORE!!!

Final closet colorCloset colors didn’t photo well, but it is amazing!

Now from the inside you don’t realize the color is different. It’s lighter and in a semi-gloss which really helps reflect the light so I don’t feel like I’m in a cave! So grateful I found him last year!! Wonder if other DIYers have such admiration to their paint guy?  😉


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