Sad day when you toss your perfectly good compost ingredients in the trash

I found this great post on making a compost bin and it’s just what I needed. We left our store bought bin at the old place. Why I keep thinking? Well because it didn’t decompose and at the last minute it seemed too much to move it too. Well when you’re facing the deadline somethings just don’t make it on the truck. I admit I’ve asked JET on a few occasions to stop by (he’s in the neighborhood 5x a week), check out the situation, and if house is still unclaimed to pick up my bin. Hey it cost a nice chunk of change to replace. Well he’s a kid and somehow between high school girls and food he “forgot”. hehe what’s a mom to do.

Da tah, then I find supermom’s post! She has a great tutorial here, so worth checking out.

How to Make a Garbage Can Compost Bin

I believe I’ve found another project that pops to the top of the TO DO list. Hey tossing out perfectly good compost trash really hurts. Wonder if others push silly projects to the top of the list when there is real work to do 😉

From one mom to another… THANKS for the great post.


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