Rub, Rub, Rub…

… and I’m not talking about 3 men in a tub.

During one of my regular CL searches for house materials, I ran across an ad for a 1948 Mengel stationary desk/ dresser. Seemed like a simple freshening up and it would be perfect for work, blogging, & couponing. After I arrived it seemed the piece had some veneer damage to the top, sides, and front trim. Hmm, after being convinced the process was relatively easy, I loaded the car (gotta luv my Santa Fe) and headed home.

Check it out… despite the poor quality photo from my phone, the Mengel piece shines with excitement for its new life 😉 Check out my fabulous construction concrete floors…gotta luv it.

I searched the web and visualized the process of removing & replacing the veneer. Saturday I picked up a quart of paint during the Ace Hardware give-a-way to freshen up the inside. I’ve debated over the color of the inside and narrowed it down to tangerine or the original blue (which doesn’t excite me at all).

After serious debate (about 5 minutes) I changed my mind about redoing the oak veneer. I’ve gone to great lengths of refinishing the oak entertainment unit, why oh why would I replace it on this piece?

My current plan is to sand & fill the damaged pieces, then paint. Since the front is in excellent condition, a nice stain & wax finish should make it pop from the painted frame. HAHA guess it’s just a flip of the outside colors with a slightly darker woodtone. OK, now back to the internal colors, hmm decisions decisions.

So what about the Rub, Rub, Rub comment? Another trip to the hardware store and I return with the citrus paint remover. Rubbing off years of paint required more effort than I realized.

After three rounds of applying product, scrapping, and rubbing product off the crazy shaped drawers,  I found the original wood!

So that’s what I did with my Sunday…guess I’ll check out the other blogs and see what other DIYer’s created.


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