Making progress

I was so excited yesterday… it was 48 hours since applying the first coat of poly to the entertainment unit and the waiting period for adding coat #2 was over!!!! So before I would seal up the can of poly and have dinner you know what I was doing 😉

Coming home from work today I was oohing and awing. First over the  removal of our hobbit bushes. JET was home today and he actually removed the bases of all the monstrosities that were trimmed down to the stub.  It’s amazing how large the yard looks without Hobbit Village. There are just a few more smaller pieces to cut and pull out of our dry desert ground. I’ll be sure to take pics and upload tomorrow, it’s amazing!



My oohing resumed when I walked into the house and spotted the beautiful newly stained pieces that will look amazing in the living room. Tomorrow I’ll be flipping the units to poly the other side and in 4 days they’ll be in place. Silly but I’m so excited. I wonder if other DIYer’s count down the days until a project is completed?

Happy DIY’ing


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