So another trip…

So another trip to the hardware store and today I return with an orbital palm sander and stain! I feel kind of stuck with settling into the new place. Boxes are still piled up in the garage, kitchen, living room, and master bedroom, and I have no idea what to do with the contents. So today I’m working on something to house the TV, games, & movies until able to find (buy) that darn entertainment unit. Remember when oak was the in thing? I certainly do and I just haven’t been able to part with a few sturdy pieces. Well it was fine for the crafty room in the old place, but not what I have in mind for our new home. I planned on doing this work in the living room since it’s chilly outside and the garage isn’t a working space with all those boxes. Besides, the living room still has construction grade concrete floors… perfect. Today I repair, sand, and now stain… OK so today I repair, sand, and stain HALF the unit… I’m exhausted. Oh by the way, learned something new… the little bag that is supposed to catch the sanding dust, doesn’t. Now there is dust all over 😦


Sanded, wiped down, and ready to go!

ImageStepping back to check happiness level with color. I think it’ll be ok, wait until it dries to determine if one more coat is needed.

So as I close I wonder how do people settle into their place when there isn’t any storage… how long will these boxes hang around? Is it possible to get all this done and still continue my day job?




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