My To-Do List

The list seems ever growing and the hard drive in my brain just can’t hold onto the ideas. So to free up space and have a working list to manipulate, this blog seemed the perfect place to not lose little slips of paper or start another time consuming notebook. Seems I have a few of these around and they’re never available when you need one.


  • Tub drain
  • Tub diverter – too much water going through tub spout and not the shower head
  • tile floor, grout, seal grout
  • kickplate under vanity
  • faucet exchange or refinish – replace gold handle or replace X2
  • mirror – cut into two smaller units & frame
  • refinish vanity
  • baseboard

2nd bath

  • paint walls
  • refinish vanity
  • frame mirror
  • faucet exchange or refinish
  • baseboard


  • address light
  • remove monstrous bushes on side of the house
  • remove even more monstrous bushes in front of house
  • pull dead tree
  • trim back still living tree 😉


  • refinish cabinets
  • paint touchups
  • countertop for island
  • trim and side island – use legs to make appear like a pc of furniture
  • build shelves & attach to N end of island
  • window covering
  • paint pantry
  • locate cabinet for E wall
  • shelves for upper E wall
  • replace microwave vent cover
  • cabinet L of stove, remove shelf & make slider
  • floor covering
  • kick plates under cabinets
  • baseboard


  • flooring
  • baseboard
  • make/ purchase built-in for cutout
  • window coverings

Family room

  • sliding door window covering
  • floor
  • baseboard
  • entertainment center
  • touch up paint

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