Tackling the Hobbit Home


Don’t be deceived, the wall in the background is over 6 feet high. If you approach from the east, this monstrosity hides a car in the driveway!!!  So today we were brave and tackled the front yard. Why you ask? Cause I’ve lost my mind… no really we happened upon the college satellite growing orchard and I came home with a few fruit trees. Of course then I ran to the nursery for landscape assistance and nothing can be done until the coyote bush is defeated.

I know you’re just dying to see the finished product… ha, after working all day and putting a massive amount of brush bundles out for trash day we called it an end. For this weekend anyway.


My To-Do List

The list seems ever growing and the hard drive in my brain just can’t hold onto the ideas. So to free up space and have a working list to manipulate, this blog seemed the perfect place to not lose little slips of paper or start another time consuming notebook. Seems I have a few of these around and they’re never available when you need one.


  • Tub drain
  • Tub diverter – too much water going through tub spout and not the shower head
  • tile floor, grout, seal grout
  • kickplate under vanity
  • faucet exchange or refinish – replace gold handle or replace X2
  • mirror – cut into two smaller units & frame
  • refinish vanity
  • baseboard

2nd bath

  • paint walls
  • refinish vanity
  • frame mirror
  • faucet exchange or refinish
  • baseboard


  • address light
  • remove monstrous bushes on side of the house
  • remove even more monstrous bushes in front of house
  • pull dead tree
  • trim back still living tree 😉


  • refinish cabinets
  • paint touchups
  • countertop for island
  • trim and side island – use legs to make appear like a pc of furniture
  • build shelves & attach to N end of island
  • window covering
  • paint pantry
  • locate cabinet for E wall
  • shelves for upper E wall
  • replace microwave vent cover
  • cabinet L of stove, remove shelf & make slider
  • floor covering
  • kick plates under cabinets
  • baseboard


  • flooring
  • baseboard
  • make/ purchase built-in for cutout
  • window coverings

Family room

  • sliding door window covering
  • floor
  • baseboard
  • entertainment center
  • touch up paint

Jan 17

Hmm can’t wait to share about our progress during our 3-day weekend.

Jan 12

Jan 5

Happy New Year!

Oh my, I can’t believe another year has come and gone. It seems just yesterday I celebrated 2011 on the strip with 200,000 of my closest friends.  Years come and go at it seems at the end of each people are always ready to shrug off the exiting year and have high hopes for the approaching one. A day is what you make of it… something I really need to remember… whether it is in December or January.

I’m excited for a year of adventures in my new house. Today is day number 25 and often I think how I should have completed so much more, but really September through December has been incredible…incredibly stressful!

So with that being said, I’m off to find my beloved paintbrush and roller setup 😉