Hello DIY world!

This whole experience has been surreal so I decided what better way to keep track of my progress and laugh about the challenges later but to blog, so here I am.

Purchase price included the blinds 😉

It was Tuesday afternoon when I stood in the living room of my new house when the overwhelming desire to have a complete break down hovered over my head. I’d waited for this day for years and here it was, after all the struggles of getting the previous owner to move, the ridiculous requests from BofA, and other miscellaneous irritating escrow issues, I now have the keys! I walk from room to room and scream in my head this place is a disaster! I no longer have the two weeks originally planned to prepare the house for DS and I. Who is going to clean this mess up so we can move in? Sounds silly, but standing there on the verge, I wondered how I was going to accomplish this great feat. The months of trials & stresses leave me without a clear thought in my brain… wait, light bulb, call a friend and use her brains!

I’m to vacate the current residence by tomorrow but that’s not going to happen so how soon can I finish packing and get into the new place? Take the next few days off work and run around like the Energizer Bunny and get this done. Finish moving boxes to storage unit, prepare for moving truck,  then remove trash and scrub the new place.

Friday, December 9

So this morning reminded me of why I don’t go camping anymore. Last night JET and I slept on the floor. Now I know I don’t like sleeping on the floor so I doubled up two blankets and then 2 more on top as covers. Did I think about sleeping on the second story floor where heat rises or that the downstairs carpet is laid on concrete and cold as ice? Of course not! OMG I was so cold. Then was the worry about work and not being there. Just about the time exhaustion returned and I was seeing sleep in my future, the dogs started up. Darn, time to get out of bed, I mean off the floor, put the dogs away, grab a sweatshirt and turn up the darn heat!

A Little Privacy Would Be Nice

We'll make the darn thing fit!

When I walked into the house all the doors were propped up in front of the windows. Irritating yes, but I had no idea of the challenges ahead trying to determine which door belongs to which set of hinges! After countless trials  a few doors were obvious but others just didn’t fit. What’s a girl to do? Grab the hammer and beat the thing into place! lol

A few doors still wanted to have nothing to do with returning to their hinge. After discussing the situation with LM’s dad, his solution, loosen one hinge on the frame, then manipulate it into place… again, bang it with the hammer and talk nicely 😉


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